Married Love

Letter’ from Professor E. H. Starling, M.D., B.S.,
F.R.S., Processor o^ Physiology, University of London.

University College,
GowER Street, Lonpon, W.C,
November 23, 1917.

Dear Dr. Stopes,

I’ve need of such guidance as you give is very evident. After all, instinct in man is ail insufficient to determine social behaviour, and there is need of instruction in the highest of physiological functions, that of reproduc- tion, as there is in the lower functions of eating and drinking — the only difference being that in the former instruction can be deferred to a later age. And there is no doubt that in this case it is better to acquire knowledge by instruction than by a type of experience which is nearly always sordid and may be fraught with danger to the health of the indi- vidual and of the family.

At the present time it is of vital importance to tlie State tliat its marriages should be fruitful — in children, happiness, and efficiency (and all three are closely connected).

If your book helps in securing this object, your trouble will not have been in vain.

Believe me,

Yours very truly,