Married Love

The Heart’s Desire 5

So long as wc are human we must have bodies, and
bodies obey chemical and physiological, as well as
spiritual laws.

If our race as a whole set out to pursue an ideal
which must ultimately eliminate bodies altogether,
it is clear that very soon we should find the conditions
of our environment so altered that we could no longer
speak of the human race.

In the meantime, we are h\iman. We each and
all live our lives according to laws, some of which
we have begun to understand, many of which arc
completely hidden from us. The most complete
human being is he or she who consciously^ oi uncon-
sciously obeys the profound physical laws of our being
in such a way that the spirit receives as much help and
as little hindrance from the body as possible. A mind
and spirit finds its fullest expression thwarted by the
misuse, neglect or gross abuse of the body in which
it dwells.

By the ignorant or self-indulgent breaking of
fundamental laws endless harmonies are dislocated.
The modern, small-minded ascetic endeavours to
grow spiritually by destroying his physical instincts ^

instead of by using them. But I would proclaim that
we are set in the world so to mould matter that it
may express our spirits; that it is presumption to pro-
fess to fight the immemorial laws of our physical
being, and that he who does so loses unconsciously
the finest flux in which wondrous new creations take
their rise.

To use a homely simile— one might compare two
human beings to two bodies charged with electricity
of different potentials. Isolated from each other the
electric forces within them are invisible, but if they
come into the right juxtaposition the force is trans-
muted, and a spark, a glow of burning light arises
between them. Such is love.

From the body of the loved one’s simple, sweetly
coloured flesh, which our immemorial creature in-
stincts urge us to desire, there springs not only the
wonder ofa new bodily life, but also the enlargement
of the horizon of human sympathy and the glow of
spiritual understanding which a solitary soul could
never have attained alone.

Many reading this may feel conscious that they
have had physical union without such spiritual results,
perhaps even without an accession of ordinary hap-
piness. If that is so, it can only be because, con-
sciously or unconsciously, they have broken some of
the profound laws which govern the love of man and
woman. Only by learning to hold a bow correctly
can one draw music from a violin : only by obedience
to the laws of the lower plane can one step up to the
plane above.