Jungle Ways


Map of General Territory covered by the Author 283

The Author on the Dananae Trail with the Young Witch Wamba 285

Porters crossing the Suspension Bridge of Vines 286

The Author’s “ Travelling Circus ” at the Court OF San Dei 287

Yafouba Juggler-magician with a Little Girl 288

Another Juggler-magician at the Court of San Dei 289

Juggler-magician preparing to hurl his Human Projectile through the Air 290

After the Ceremony 291

Masked Fortune-telling Witch-doctor at the Court of San Dei 292

The Leading Juvenile Girl Star in the Ballet AT San Dei’s Court 293

Five Boys adorned as Girls, and doing a Female Impersonation Dance 294

A Young Yafouba Bride-to-be 295

A Yafouba Wife 296

Among the Guerje Cannibals 297

A Young Guerje Cannibal Mother in the Village OF Mon-Po 298

The Chief Cook of the Guerje Cannibal Tribe 299

Masked Guerje Cannibal Witch-doctor with Runners 300

The Entrance of a Masked Witch-doctor at Twilight INTO A Guerje Cannibal Village 301

A Guerje Witch-doctor in the Mask of Gla, the Demon

A Guerje Warrior who has just been through a Secret Society Ritual to immunize him from Wounds

A Young Guerje Apprentice Sorceress undergoing a Stage in her Initiation

Approaching Timbuctoo: the Yatanga Naba, Hereditary Spiritual Ruler of the Mossi Tribes

A Typical Street in Timbuctoo

The Famous Augustinian Monk Pere Dupuis-Yakouba

Salama, the Beloved and Estimable Native Wife OF PiRE Dupuis-Yakouba

In Topsy-turvy Land, the Country of the Habbe

In Higher Ireli: a Cuff-dweller’s Terrace

Habbe Dancers with Stylized Mask Headdresses

Habbe Dancers with Masks of Grass Net and Cowrie-shells

The Children’s Public Altar at Sangha

A EU.BBE Debutante with her Sweetheart

Lower Ireli, looking down from the Cliffs

The Holiest Man (or so it was said) in West Central Africa