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Since Maggie Dooley Learned The Hooley Hooley (AKA When Maggie Dooley Did The Hooley Hooley)

Ethel Merman sang this song as a child when entertaining WWI soldiers.

Maggie Dooley packed her grip and left Erin’s Isle for a trip to Honolulu
Maggie Dooley learned to dance and after a while came back home dressed like a Zulu
She has a brand new walk, she talks Hawaiian talk
She’s made a Honolulu out of poor old County Cork

Since Maggie Dooley learned the Hooley Hooley Ireland is fading away
The Sweeneys and Daleys have sold their shillelahs and bought ukuleles to play
The fat Miss Kelly wiggles just like jelly when those dancers sway
And every colleen on the street is all dressed up like shredded wheat
Since Maggie Dooley learned the Hoo – – ley.

Maggie Dooley has the people all off their nut with her new Hawaiian blarney
Everybody’s leaving town and building a hut on the lakes of old Killarney
I think it’s a disgrace; the women of the place
Are making wild men out of all the poor old Irish race


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