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Music Is So Big

Music is so big, it just takes up a lot of room. I’ve dedicated my life to my music so far. Every btime I’ve let it slip and gotten somewhere else, it’s showed. Music lasts a lot longer than relationships do. Neil Young

I Took It To BMI

Hell, I wrote my first song, called “Hula Hoop,” when I was sixteen. I took it to BMI, and they told me me to keep writing. Then I wrote another forty songs before I even started getting good. Gordon Lightfoot

As Terrible As It Sounds

My first song was a rock & roll thing called “Baby, You’re Not Leaving Me Out, Baby, I’m Leaving You Out.” It was as terrible as it sounds. Bruce Cockburn

Like Drawing Pictures

I started making up songs about the age of three just for fun, like drawing pictures. Buffy Sainte-Marie

Music Was My First Job

People have this idea that I was a poet who decided to be a songwriter, when actually it was the other way around: I came to poetry through music. Music was my first job when I was sixteen playing rhythm guitar in a country ban. In university...

Hank Williams Has Been There

I listen to the radio, and I like all kinds of music, you know, but I like to hear from people who who have been there. That’s just my personal taste. Now, Hank Williams has been there. Leonard Cohen