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    a rock is missing from the park, we are investigating
    acclimates the palette
    ace apple
    ace butterfield
    ace deluxe
    ace in the hole
    accidental journalist
    across americana
    americana press
    and so it was
    and the year was
    andy loo
    assumption and reality

    bat poop crazy
    basic capitalism
    be a doer not a dreamer
    bert six
    big and smalls
    big time pig time
    black projects
    bleach bit
    bleak if not miserable alternative
    blob’s polka park
    bobo belle
    boo radley
    bovine fecal matter
    british india company
    brownstone operation

    cantalope melon
    carolina chocolate drops
    carrasco santiago
    case study #48
    celebrated hats
    chapter 13
    cindy loo
    cinema verite
    click chinook
    code of federal regulations
    commodity stock
    currency markets

    dark money
    dead moon machiavelli
    delicious brains
    department of obvious
    devoid of reality
    do meister
    doo doo head

    eclipe theme tumblr
    eeny meeny miny mo
    embracing the past
    enough said
    entering hollywoodland
    exchange opinions

    fact bomb
    facts and figures
    fatboy and little boy
    field report
    flash paper
    floggs and gog
    franklin scandal
    friday nori
    friendly fascism
    funny fun

    get me roger stone
    glam and grit
    gee boo and tee boo
    glitter and grit
    governments with everything to hide or distort
    gun play
    guy noir

    hansen’s errand service
    happy trails to you
    here’s one
    hello my little sausage
    herman congo
    herman spain
    hippo hot dog
    history lessons
    horn dog
    horseman’s haven cafe (santa fe)
    holy trinity of the left – race , class, gender
    hudson grand

    i know what i knows
    i travelled this route

    i’ll never forget you know

    in football it doesn’t matter what you have done, it matters what you will do
    in the year
    india kurta pajamas
    into the purple valley
    it’s 1948

    jus solis

    kangaroo dog

    la grande couture
    little burnt pataya
    laundering wash cycle rinse cycle
    life hack
    linden tx
    long tall ernie
    love that cheesecake
    lucy luciano organges

    mad with power
    mammary mania
    master of bull excretement
    memory stuff
    mental wreck
    mestizo supremacy movement (1920s mexico-american)
    migg tweeny
    miles ahead (film)
    mister cacciatore
    mister muckel
    mongo john
    monkey monkey underpants
    more people named jones
    mrs van uppity

    national geographic spatial (ngs)
    no names no papertrail no fingerprints
    nobody’s eggs and bacon
    northern boulevard
    northside 48
    not never no more
    nudge nudgies

    one eleven one
    one inconvenient detail
    organ harvester
    out on the road

    pakistani intelligence (isi)
    pakistani mangoes (hillary clinton)
    party card no 555 (fuhrer)
    past tense
    pepper ronchini
    pepper the dog
    perkins and pickens
    person’s eminent
    pinky malinky
    pinup delight
    plunder and deceit
    political field book
    politics pondo
    powell memo
    prime list
    professor bananas
    proving my jewishness
    pussy generation
    put your dancin shoes on

    quota hire

    reaching the bottom of the stupid pit
    redfish salvage
    report x
    research maverick
    retro scoop
    road hound
    road tested

    saint julian march
    save your place
    shazam app (music discovery)
    shin bone alley
    sid celery
    sippy sassa sappa
    skulls full of mush
    smalls paradise
    smoke a little weed and get launched
    sounds like fun
    stone’s rules
    sum ting wong

    terra incognita
    thames and hudson
    the ace special
    the art of fiction
    the end of gender
    the first takes
    the ghost from emily post
    the influential and the powerful
    the purple spitalny
    the red special
    the relative and the absolute
    the roaring gap
    the royal martians
    the sweet hereafter
    the washington cartel
    that ding doo does it for me
    that’s a special kind of stupid
    there are reports
    they soothe and smooth
    travel and adventure
    treat of the week
    truth leaks
    try to make big
    two moon junction

    uppity babble
    uppity foreigner

    various and sundry
    virtual content

    we should never become a factory of illusions
    what’s the dirt today
    where the dancin’s right
    who is watching that movie
    wink winkers

    yegg brotherhood
    yoot (yoouth)
    you bloated idiot
    you gotta know the territory, you gotta have the goods
    you stupid fathead
    you want to americano

    AAA – alberto vargas, earl moran, gil elvgren, peter driben

    AA – al buell, al moore, bill randall, fritz willis

    A – art frahm, baron von lindt, bill medcalf, billy devorss, enoch bolles

    diabetes solution

    endocrine system
    clogged liver leads to diabetes
    complete liver unclogging
    gastric bypass surgery
    too much fat in blood
    solution to remove fat

    glycemic load


    alfonso dore
    alfredo pareto

    black, manafort, and stone

    catherine austin fitts
    clark clifford
    clora bryant

    dancer connie weidel
    dancer ray hirsh
    dancer shag
    dawn powell
    david cay johnston
    dorothy parker

    erskine blue day

    francis galton

    gaetano mosca
    grant maloy smith

    hudson west

    isabel sarli

    james stockdale
    jane myer (ny times)
    jeremy bentham
    jerimiah denton
    jimmy dale gilmore
    judge casey

    kathy o’brien
    kitty kelley

    louis pasteur

    manly wade wellman

    nick noir
    nikki benz
    norgee le mont

    rejab shah

    smedley butler (war is a racket)

    tim black
    thornton melon
    tyler drumheller

    walt mearsheimer
    yolanda adams

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    dashicon icon

    a mencken chrestomathy – hl mencken

    black like me – john howard griffin

    chronographia – michael psellus
    confessions of an economic hit man – john perkins

    conspiracy theory of history – gore vidal

    deep undercover – jack barsky –

    essay in defense of pederasty – jeremy bentham

    orientalism – edward said

    primitive classification – emile durkheim

    secrets of the temple – william greider

    the leopart – giuseppe di lampedusa
    the political side of the hijab – bill warner
    the plot against america – philip roth
    the secret history of procopius – procopius
    travels with charley in search of america – john steinbeck

    women, fire and dangerous things – george lakoff

    enter the void – gaspar noe

    fury, fever, fuego – armand bo films

    hitch hike – marvin gaye

    loco moto – cornbread and jerry –
    looking at the world through a windshield – del reeves

    the giggler – pat and the wildcats
    transfusion – nervous norvus