The Delicious, Sumptuous Flavor Of Eisenberg


Since 1929, Kelly Corned Beef Company and Eisenberg Sausage Company have produced the highest quality gourmet deli products. Today, the 3rd generation of Eisenbergs continues the tradition of providing premium gourmet deli and top service for their customers.

Kelly Eisenberg Hot Dog Recipes
Chicago Style
Cook hot dog, then place in bun. Pile on yellow mustard, chopped onions, 2 tomato wedges, pickle spear, 2 sport peppers and green (sweet) pickle relish. Finish with sprinkles of celery salt.

NY Style
Grill the hot dog, and then place in bun. Top with hot sauerkraut. Serve with brown mustard.

Chili Dog
Cook hot dog, and then place in bun. Pour chili over hot dog. If you like, add some shredded cheddar cheese.

Southeast Dog (slawdog)
Cook hot dog, and then place in bun. Simply add creamed coleslaw for something a little bit different!

Southwest Dog
Cook hot dog, and then place in bun. Add fire-roasted salsa, chopped onions and hot peppers.

Wrap hot dog with bacon, then broil or grill. Add a yellow cheese, like cheddar or American. Place back on grill or broiler to melt the cheese.

Cook hot dog. Cover hot dog with heated pastrami. Place in a bun and serve with yellow mustard.

Carolina Hot Dog
Mustard, Chili, Onion, and Cole Slaw.

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