The Categories

Section 3

Part 9

Action and affection both admit of contraries and also of variation of
degree. Heating is the contrary of cooling, being heated of being
cooled, being glad of being vexed. Thus they admit of contraries. They
also admit of variation of degree: for it is possible to heat in a
greater or less degree; also to be heated in a greater or less degree.
Thus action and affection also admit of variation of degree. So much,
then, is stated with regard to these categories.

We spoke, moreover, of the category of position when we were dealing
with that of relation, and stated that such terms derived their names
from those of the corresponding attitudes.

As for the rest, time, place, state, since they are easily
intelligible, I say no more about them than was said at the beginning,
that in the category of state are included such states as ‘shod’,
‘armed’, in that of place ‘in the Lyceum’ and so on, as was explained