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A World History Of Pin-Up Art

As popular culture devoured its forbidden voyeuristic fantasies in pulp magazines, and later paperback books, another trend had begun to legitimize the pin-up as a serious art form: Higher brow fare offered by such slick periodicals as Esquire (an important predecessor of Playboy), Cosmopolitan, The Saturday Evening Post and others. Art Deco depictions of the […]

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The Book That Taught Your Grandparents How To Bone

In 1926, Dr Theodoor H. van de Velde wrote Ideal Marriage: Its Physiology and Technique. The book worked under the presumption that husbands were fully responsible for educating their wives in the erotic arts. The Dutch doctor was satisfyingly filthy. He sprinkled the text with quotes from Ovid and Balzac and wrote in a style […]