Phil’s Last Stand


Phil’s Last Stand is just what you’d expect. There’s practically no room for all of the people cramming in to get a taste. You place your order with who I can only imagine is Phil. He sits as his chair and barks out orders to the cooks while schmoozing with the customers. Don’t be surprised when he rings the gong for every tip either. It should also be noted that there’s a parking lot, so you can skip the street spots.

There’s seating for maybe 15 people inside between the few tables and the counter. If that’s not enough, they’ve got a bunch of picnic bench style seating outside. The service is great, and by the service I mean Phil. He told us exactly what to order and even tossed us some freebies to highlight his menu. The prices are cheap. You can get a double char dog with fries for $5. Most of the menu follows the trend of tons of food for little money.

Phil’s Last Stand started with the concept of a hot dog stand and has taken it to the next level. Chicago Fat Phil retired from the hot dog business after dishing out char dogs in Skokie for four decades. But he is back and brings a connoisseur’s inspiration to the simple idea of a late-night hot dog stand.

Jeff Eats Chicago

2258 West Chicago Ave
Chicago, Il 60622



Sunday: till 10 pm
Monday-Wednesday: till 12 am
Thursday: till 2 am
Friday-Saturday: till 4 am