AT&T Park Takes Ballpark Food To A Whole New Level

KANSAS CITY DOTCOM – “What we have here,” she said, “are four flatbread pizzas. We have a hot dog with red relish and arugula; a sausage with fennel, oyster, mushrooms, garlic and caramelized onions. It also has arugula.”

That all?

No, there’s the drinks: lemonade with local honey and spearmint, or a glass of strawberry-infused spa water, or a limeade with fennel. Dining here, one is surrounded by the garden, created as a teaching garden, that contains 18 edible plants.

SF Giants Fan Fare: Carrot Hot Dogs?

SAN JOSE MERCURY – OK, this may be taking the whole orange thing too far, even for rabid San Francisco Giants fans. And our baseball rivals in barbecue-centric Kansas City are sure to make fun of this only-in-California farm-to-table dish. But we’ll let you make, taste and be the judge. Up in Wine Country, at PRESS in St. Helena, executive chef Trevor Kunk has created a vegetarian option for those who’ve tired of the ol’ frank in a bun. It’s an herb-infused roasted carrot. But by the time you buy the ingredients and roast the carrots, Game 3 will be over. So better start now if you want to nosh on these during Game 4. Carrot Hot Dogs with Mushroom Shallot Marmalade Executive Chef Trevor Kunk, PRESS Serves 4.