From Gross To Gourmet: A Tale Of Entrepreneurial Reinvention

FORBES — In the summer of 1978 I was a vendor at Wrigley Field and Soldier Field in Chicago. Since it was entirely a commission job and I was too young to sell beer, the next best thing was selling hot dogs. Back then they were $1 and I made 20¢ with each sale. On a good day I might make $60 which was great money for a teenager. I’ll never forget, however, how crappy the hot dogs were.

I would walk around with a metal box that had a Sterno in the bottom to keep the hot dogs, and my abdomen, warm. I was a walking chafing dish. On a cold day by the time I got around to selling the last of the hot dogs, they were cold, stale and all around awful. The concessionaire reused the unsold hot dogs at the next game. It was stomach turning to watch as I had the misfortune of doing on several occasions. If you had a hot dog at Soldier Field in 1978, please accept this belated apology. If you agree that things are better now, you have Larry and Mark Levy to thank.

Organic Meat Company Makes The Cut

THE HERALD MAIL — If you’re at a big entertainment arena around Washington, D.C., or Baltimore and order a sausage, hot dog or hamburger, chances are good you’ll be chowing down on a Hoffman’s.

Hoffman’s Quality Meats, a 91-year-old meat-processing company near Hagerstown, MD has increased its business and employment a lot since it was purchased in 2011 by a family partnership headed by two young entrepreneurs who wanted to find, nurture and grow longtime businesses like Hoffman’s.

A Frank Proposal

CNN — 28-year-old Wang Han met his girlfriend in a hot dog store while both were vacationing in Thailand and soon fell in love. On August 20, 1,001 days after their sausage link-up, he asked her to be his wife by presenting her with 1,001 hot dogs spelling out the words “I love you.”
She said yes — with relish.

Pregnancy Cravings: Chicago-style

CHICAGO PARENT — Let’s face it: Pregnancy is one of the few times in life when “gotta have it” actually turns into having it — with food, at least. Those crafty cravings can drive you half-insane, especially when they strike in the middle of the night. Our advice: Stock up with these fun Chicago twists on some of the most common cravings. If you’re going to crave hot dogs, Chicago’s the place to do it. Hot dog stands can be found in most every town, or keep some Vienna Beef Franks on hand for when the need strikes. And depending on your toppings, you can topple multiple cravings at once (but remember: no ketchup).